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Hi! It’s me again! I hope you enjoyed your tour of An Achievable Dream.You can learn more about the program by visiting our website,

I’m a Dreamer… Are you?

Closing Message

At An Achievable Dream, we rise above challenges. We do whatever it takes. We believe in a bright future for ALL students.

As you’ve seen and heard today, An Achievable Dream is truly changing students’ lives. But the single most important thing we do for our students every day is to provide hope, and so I ask you to consider joining us in our work. For nearly 30 years, An Achievable Dream has helped so many students experience success in school and beyond, and we look forward to a future filled with possibility. A future I hope you’ll be a part of. Thank you for joining us on our tour today!

Our Alumni and College Students


At An Achievable Dream, academics are just one of many things we focus on as we know that academic success is only one part of a student’s life. Our program brings together a culture of high expectations, rigorous academics, and positive character and social skills to help ensure our students have everything they need to succeed in school and in life.

In our schools, students receive traditional core curriculum standard to the public school, which is enhanced and supplemented in various ways.

In partnership with our school district partners, we ensure that students receive the benefit of innovative classroom management strategies, flexible seating, and other elements proven to contribute to student success.

While we maintain strong emphasis on academics, we know that the social element is a huge component of students’ success in academics. We know that we must address the challenges our students are facing outside the classroom if we expect them to succeed inside the classroom.

Financial Literacy

Did you want to know something cool? I can balance my own checkbook! Thanks to our partners we have our own school bank. This is where we are a merit place for all good things we do these mirror points can translate into actual dollars that can be used for gifts, school supplies or anything else you can think of!

Social Rotation Classes

Next up are what we call our social rotation classes. These classes give us the ability to learn a lot of different skills we’ll need to be successful in college and our careers. Here to tell you more about our social rotation classes is another Dreamer, Mekhayla. Take it away, Mekhayla!

Morning Program

An Achievable Dream has partnerships with law enforcement, first responders, and military service members. They help with uniform checks and the morning program, and they are great role models that students look up to!

Every day, students participate in the morning program! We recite the Pledge of Allegiance, sing the National Anthem, and have our uniforms checked. But our favorite part is when we recite our positive affirmations – we call them the banners – because that really gets us pumped up and motivated for the day!

I have a favorite banner. It is proud to be drug free!

Greeting the Students

At An Achievable Dream Academies, we start our day with handshakes and greetings, saying hello to our teachers and administrators. We also greet our military, law enforcement, or first responder partners.

This lets us know how much our teachers and administrators care, and helps make sure we have a great day.

The Achievable Dream Model

Program Elements
  • School culture
  • Uniforms
  • Extended academic day and year
  • Unique curriculum
  • Field trips and clubs
  • Partnerships
  • Workforce training
  • Wrap-around family services
  • High expectations
  • Relationships

An Achievable Dream utilizes a unique and holistic Social, Academic, and Moral Education curriculum – we call it SAME. This framework enhances the public school’s curriculum by adding numerous opportunities, experiences, and wrap-around services that put our students on a level playing field to become everything they’ve ever dreamed of in college, their careers, and their lives.

The SAME framework allows schools implementing our program to support the whole child, as well as their family. And as we know, social and emotional factors are key to a child’s academic success.

Our students receive extended learning time, a series of character-development classes like Etiquette and Conflict Resolution, soft-skill building activities, college prep and workforce-readiness programs, uniforms, clubs, field trips, and more.

To help students prepare for success in the classroom as well as in life, students in sixth grade and up participate in our “What It Takes” workforce-development program. Our students work with volunteers from partner corporations on workforce-readiness skills like resume writing, professional communication, and job interviews.

We go above and beyond academics to provide a variety of wrap-around services like free wellness centers, medical clinics, food and hygiene supplies, and mental health support. An Achievable Dream is committed to serving the whole child and ensuring their success regardless of the challenges they may face.

Our focus at all grade levels is that attending college, a trade school, joining the military, or entering the workforce is a desirable and attainable goal, and our innovative program helps ensure all students reach those goals.

Throughout everything we do at An Achievable Dream, our culture provides the foundation. We foster an environment of high expectations and strong emphasis on relationships, where our students are more than just pupils – they are family. We will do whatever it takes to ensure our students succeed.

Meet the Dreamers

Dreamers like me have lots we want to accomplish. Come along with us on our tour and learn more about how An Achievable Dream makes dreams a reality for kids like me!